Don Leone

"Come with me to Sperlonga,
moments of the past
dreams of the future
we'll merge together.
The source quenches our thirst
Forgetfulness gives us hope
In the sea we feel the infinite intoxication
Of our youth"

These are the verses that Leone Di Vito, known as Don Leone, dedicated to his beloved Sperlonga.

A riot of colors, smells and flavours, memories and dreams that make this land a true work of art.

To Don Leone we have dedicated our restaurant, a meeting place that for us is synonymous with hospitality, love for beauty and above all for the family, any type of family.
Il Don Leone is a friend who welcomes you with open arms, is a father who invites you to sit at the table to talk about your day.

In this familial atmosphere we have chosen to welcome artists from our homeplace, a "zero mile" approach, with an exhibition of works of art in the main room of our restaurant. Surrounding ourselves with beauty remains for us the most beautiful way to appreciate life.